The title of the blog says it all. This is my supercasual Magic: the Gathering blog. Supercasual is 6 parts Timmy, 3 parts Johnny, and 1 part Spike, with some helpings of Vorthos and Melvin thrown in.* I’ve never played in a sanctioned tournament–I don’t even have a DCI number–and I probably spend comparatively less money than most people who spend as much time on this game as I do. Still, Magic is much more than a game for me. It is a hobby. I spend more time thinking about and piddling around with Magic than I do actually playing the game. And that’s OK. I like playing the game, I like reading about the strategy and the storyline, I like thinking about decks, and I like collecting and sorting the cards. If this describes you as well, then you might be supercasual, too. Anyway, this blog is my chance to write and think out loud about whatever is going on in my world of Magic. If you don’t like it, then it wasn’t written for you. 🙂

*See Mark Rosewater’s articles on Magic psychographic profiles


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