Great Souls Make Majestic Spirits

I needed more 1/1 Spirit tokens for my BW Tokens deck, and a thought came to my mind: “Great souls would make majestic spirits.” It is their physical appearance that has been captured in stone or metal, but these statues remind us of the great soul which once resided among us. These are those who remain with us only in spirit and make our own souls soar. These were chosen not for their religious or political inclinations, but simply for their greatness of soul.


More Human Tokens!

I needed some heroic 1/1 Human tokens for my BW Token deck—my People of Wal-Mart just weren’t going to cut it. So, if you need a hero, who are you going to get? Well, I’m getting Robin Hood on my team! And not just one Robin Hood, but a whole gang of them. Here is my little homage to the character of Robin Hood in filmdom (minus the fake one from 1991). Enjoy!

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