Flavor Text

There’s some great flavor text out there:

1. King Cheetah (Visions)

King Cheetah

2. Fodder Cannon (Urza’s Saga)

Fodder Cannon

3. Pyroclasm (M10)


4. Arrogant Wurm (Torment)

Arrogant Wurm

5. Goblin Spy (Invasion)

Goblin Spy

6. Razorfield Thresher (Scars of Mirrodin)

Razorfield Thresher

7. Lhurgoyf (Ice Age)


8. Distress (Magic 2012)


9. Turn to Frog (Magic 2012)

Turn to Frog

10. Tidal Kraken (Mercadian Masques)

Tidal Kraken

One Response to Flavor Text

  1. Emma Crisp says:


    You got some of my favorites!

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