Into the Scrapheap? – Episode 7 (BR Lands)

I was tweaking my Eldrazi Celebration deck today, when I found a new candidate for the scrapheap:

MTG Card: Urborg Volcano
Here we have the super casual player’s Badlands, or Blood Crypt, or Dragonskull Summit, or Blackcleave Cliffs. Obviously, if you can procure any of these, they represent a strict upgrade because you can either search for them as “basic lands” or you at least have a reasonable chance of them coming into play untapped. If you are forced to play with a “comes into play tapped” land in your BR deck, though, there is no reason to ever play an Urborg Volcano if you have an Akoum Refuge, since it’s exactly the same with the added improvement of a little lifegain – just strictly better, unless, for some bizarre reason, you do not want to gain any life – in Magic, we never say never (the caveat, as always, being that if you want more than 4 of this dual land, then an Urborg Volcano may still be necessary). I thought I might use this opportunity to look at the other inferior “dual lands” available for BR decks.
Tresserhorn Sinks – You can get this same scrapheaped land in a “snow” version too.
Lavaclaw Reaches – Of course, if the lifegain from Akoum Refuge doesn’t really matter to you, and you want something powerful to do with your land in the end game, then go for the manland. Probably usually just better.
Auntie’s Hovel – This is situationaly better (more akin to Dragonskull Summit if you are playing a BR Goblin deck, but why would you splash Black in a goblin deck? It’s likely to just slow down the ‘kill, kill, kill’ mentality of your goblins.)
Cinder Marsh – This and its twin, Lantern-Lit Graveyard, doesn’t come into play tapped, can provide colorless mana without stumbling, and only really gets you when you need that B or R. If the game goes long, though, and you are relying on it for colored mana, then you really want the Akoum Refuge.
Sulfurous Springs – Here’s the ‘flip side combination’ of Cinder Marsh and Akoum Refuge: no “comes into play tapped”, produces colorless mana effectively, and only stings you when you want colored mana (but at least you have access to it every turn if need be).
Tainted Peak – I like this one as a sort-of earlier edition of the Dragonskull Summit. As long as you’re not just splashing Black in your deck, you have a good chance of getting a fully functional dual land, that at the very least can give you colorless mana until you do pull a Swamp.

Obviously, there are plenty of other BR mana producers, but I think this is enough for the wanna-be dual lands for the BR combo.

I should end by noting that this whole cycle of “Refuge” lands from Zendikar (Jwar Isle Refuge, Graypelt Refuge, Sejiri Refuge, and Kazandu Refuge) will upgrade the whole cycle of “tapped” duals from Invasion (Salt Marsh, Elfhame Palace, Coastal Tower, and Shivan Oasis).
MTG Card: Akoum Refuge