Zombie Tokens

I don’t know if I really like that the mummies in Amonkhet are classified as zombies. I mean, sure, technically, that’s probably accurate enough, and in the classic movies, the mummies do act a bit like zombies, but still, is the world not big enough to have both mummies and zombies? At any rate, I was playing my Liliana deck the other day, and I realized that I hadn’t made any zombie tokens for it yet. My two favorite zombie franchises are the Plants vs. Zombies video game and the Lord of the Fries card game. So, I borrowed from those to make my zombie tokens (apparently, there aren’t many varieties of zombies in Magic-land—they are usually just 2/2s):

Token Zombie 22a Token Zombie 22b Token Zombie 22c Token Zombie 22d Token Zombie 22e Token Zombie 22f

Or, if you prefer a more traditional frame:

Token Zombie 22y Token Zombie 22z

And finally, the Lord of the Fries version:

Token Zombie 22

Enjoy! (And don’t let them eat your brains!)


Anailil, Angel of Modesty

Now, another of my daughters has gotten into the act. She made an angel that she named to be the antithesis of Liliana. Then we gave her some abilities to reflect her ability to swoop in and cover up the damsels that aren’t so much in distress as simply suffering from a dearth of fabric, which seem to permeate the Magic world.

01 Anailil, Angel of Modesty

Manaweft Sliver on Route 66

Is it just me, or does the Manaweft Sliver look like some guy who needed a quick pitstop along the highway?

Manaweft Sliver
Just sayin…

Assemble the Legion!

I offer three choices for assembling the legion: classical heroic á la Jacques-Louis David, silly Asterix the Gaul, or a re-imagined historical past:

Token Soldier 11 RWa

Token Soldier 11 RWb

Token Soldier 11 RWc

Digital Alter: Geist Busters

I don’t know how I missed this obvious reference when I looked through the Avacyn Restored spoiler, but I saw it today on dailymtg.com and had to whip up this digital alter. Nothing fancy…


01 Geist Busters

The Other Side of the Traitor

One of the things that Monty Ashley likes to do in the Magic Arcana column is show us multiple views of the same thing. Just today, he ran “The Rest of the Statue” and awhile back he ran “Glimpsing the Helvault” — and these are just two examples among many. I wonder, why he never ran one about this? (hmmm….)

Here’s the original Glissa Sunseeker from the side:

MTG Card: Glissa Sunseeker

Here she is having become a Phyrexian traitor:

MTG Card: Glissa, the Traitor


But what does she look like from behind?

Wonder no more…

MTG Card: Glissa's Scorn

Enjoy the view!