A Herd of Goat Tokens

… or a Tribe or Trip of Goat Tokens, if you’re into such official naming conventions.

I’m finally getting around to making my Trading Post deck (I’m coupling it with the Bogbrew Witch combo and the Exquisite Blood/Sanguine Bond combo – how can I lose?), so I’m going to need GOAT tokens.

Trading Post Goat Token

The pre-fab goat from Wizards is actually pretty good-looking, but nowadays I see every token requirement as an opportunity. But what kind of special goats are out there that would be better than Mr. Generic Goat here? Well, Norse mythology actually seems to be full of goats: Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr were the two goats that pulled Thor’s chariot, and Heiðrún was the goat that ate the legendary tree Lærað and then produced mead from its teats. You gotta love Norse mythology!

Apparently, Yu-Gi-Oh has already tapped into this rich tradition (and I adapted it):

Token Goat YGO Tanngnjostr Token Goat YGO Tanngrisnir

If you want those in the traditional Magic frame, then here you go:

Token Goat 01c Token Goat 01b

Marvel Comics has also been into the Norse mythology action for a while:

Token Goat 01h

Token Goat 01d Token Goat 01e

Token Goat 01g Token Goat 01f

For the mead-producing goat, I’ve got some rather old school images:

Token Goat 01i
Token Goat 01k Token Goat 01j

There’s even a meadery named after her!

Go, go, goats!


2 Responses to A Herd of Goat Tokens

  1. gregg pratt says:

    can you make me the thor goat token? email is gregg.pratt@alserra.com

  2. baeda735 says:

    I don’t make actual tokens, I just make the images that you can print out on cardstock or whatever.

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