Token Hunting on Ravnica

I know… I’m a little behind the times, but I was on hiatus during the original Ravnica block. Anyway, I came across the “Hunted” cycle recently:

Hunted LammasuHunted PhantasmHunted HorrorHunted DragonHunted Troll

Hunted Lammasu   Hunted Phantasm      Hunted Horror       Hunted Dragon         Hunted Troll

After several Google searches, I did find a couple of the tokens, but not all of them, and certainly not as a set. Wizards of the Coast actually posted the artwork for the tokens here and here. So, I made my own:

4/4 Horror Token

Token Horror RAV

1/1 Goblin Token

Token Goblin RAV

3/3 Centaur Token

Token Centaur RAV

2/2 Knight Token

Token Knight RAV

1/1 Faerie Token

Token Faerie RAV


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