Parental Advisory Review – Magic 2014

I don’t normally do a PAR for the Core Sets, as much of the art is reprints, but I was pleasantly surprised by the lower levels of objectification of women in the set’s art, so I thought it was worth mentioning and applauding. I focused mainly on new cards with new art.

The Good

Look ma, I’m wearing all my armor! Nice to see these female fighters fully armored up instead of the usual just enough armor for modesty’s sake, especially on the angels, who are notorious for leaving their heavenly home in a state of undress. Even the civilians got dresses down to their ankles!

Banisher Priest Dawnstrike Paladin Angelic Accord Archangel of Thune Seraph of the Sword Imposing Sovereign Shadowborn Apostle

The Bad

There are still some leftovers from bygone days, of course. Here you can see the old scantily clad angels. Of course, they still have some work to do on their female planeswalkers. Maybe Liliana’s a lost cause, seeing as how she sold her soul to some demons, but I still don’t get why Chandra’s skirts are even shorter than women’s tennis skirts, which are pretty dang short these days and why her breasts get plate mail when the rest of her torso gets chainmail – I sure hope it’s not just to accentuate her boobs…

Congregate Gladecover Scout Liliana Chandra


The Ugly

Despite the improvements in the portrayal of women, there still seems to be some pandering to lowest common denominators in the form of blood, violence, and third-grade humor. Yes, those women are fully armored, but they have bloody swords sticking through them.

Blood Bairn Dark Prophecy Grim Return Undead Minotaur Goblin Diplomats

Still, on the whole, I felt the set made a solid step forward in their art choices. Let’s hope they don’t revert back to older trends when they get to what I expect to be a Mediterranean-like plane, resembling Ancient Greece and Rome, in Theros. I, for one, would like to see a Victorian-art-like setting rather than a Pompeiian-frescoe-sort of humanscape.


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