Titan of the Pact Token

No, that title isn’t mixed up.  I’m trying out Pact of the Titan in my Sarkhan the Mad deck (for Planeswalker Jousting). So, if I’m making a pact with a titan, then he must be “the titan of the pact”:

Token Giant Pact 44a
My first inclination was to just alter the vanilla 4/4 red giant (Fomori Nomad) from Future Sight.

Token Giant Pact 44b

Then, as I searched the Internet to see if anyone else had done anything else for this token, I came across a reference to this image as potential token art. It’s obvious that this guy is wielding the same axe you see in the original card art, but I can’t find any actual token using this art—official or otherwise.

Token Giant Pact 44r
After making the first version, I realized that there was nothing to really indicate his redness, so I made a version with a red border. Whatever suits your fancy!


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