Giant Adephage Token

I learned a fun old word from this Magic card: Adephagia, a voracious or insatiable appetite (for food or certain foods).

Giant Adephage

I recognized the ‘phage’ part – it’s from Greek, and means eater, but couldn’t really make out the Ade- part: eater of fruit drinks? Haha. 

The OED to the rescue, then! The word itself is rather obsolete now, but came from post-classical Latin, adephagia, which was derived from the ancient Greek ἀδηϕαγία, gluttony, related to ἀδηϕάγος, greedy. Kudos to the Magic creative team for adapting this word to Magic.  Here are some token copies to play with, complete with some ancient Greek and Latin (mostly) quotes about greed:

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