Rakdos Guildmage Goblin Token

I needed a token for my Rakdos Guildmage (from Dissension) to produce. This was a little tricky because it is a 2/1 Goblin (Wizards hasn’t made any 2/1 Goblin tokens) with haste and exiling at the end of the turn. Here’s what I came up with:

Token Goblin Rakdos 21a

Token Goblin Rakdos 21c

Token Goblin Rakdos 21b

Token Goblin Rakdos 21d

UPDATE: I noticed that this page had gotten a large number of hits one day, so I tracked the phenomenon down to its origin, and found that some guy was looking for a token like mine on reddit, but without the Calvin & Hobbes — how sad 😦  Anyway, everyone there was giving him a hard time–why didn’t he just make his own–but all he really had to do was ask in the comments section of my page–I still have the template. Anyway, I don’t know if that guy will ever find it, but I decided to whip up, just for him, a token with a more traditional image–a 2/1 Rakdos Goblin, in fact:

Token Goblin Rakdos 21e


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