Into the Scrapheap? – Episode 8 (Peekaboo! I see your cards…)

The ability to look at your opponent’s hand and then replace the spell you used to do that with a new card has gotten better and better over the years.

It started with Clairvoyance in Ice Age:

For one blue mana you get to look at their hand. And then eventually, on the next upkeep, you get your replacement card – a sort of slow-rolled cantrip.

Then in the Portal set, they improved on this with Sorcerous Sight:

A true cantrip, but only at sorcery speed (of course, that’s because Portal only used sorceries).

Only in Odyssey did we finally get a real Peek:

Instant speed; instant cantrip. How do you improve on that? Make it free!!!

So New Phyrexia gave us the Gitaxian Probe:

I suppose all that’s left now is a freebie peek and cantrip at instant speed.

At the very least, we can see that Clairvoyance is now obsolete – if you need an instant, then use Peek; if you can settle for a sorcery, Gitaxian Probe can be free.

R.I.P. Clairvoyance

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