Golem Token

I’m working on a colorless Tron deck that focuses on producing golems. The Titan Forge produces a 9/9 Golem token which is actually hard to find for purchase, and essentially overpriced when available. Obviously this calls for a little Photoshop action. What is the most iconic golem in history? Well, if you live in my world, it’s the Colossus of Rhodes. And the best portrayal of the Colossus? I’m going with Maerten van Heemskerck‘s sixteenth-century engraving:


After that, a color printer and some cardstock is all I needed for some real Golem token fun!

Parting thought: What exactly is the difference between a Golem and a Construct? Does anyone at Wizards of the Coast actually know, because the card types seem a bit random (see, for example Voltaic Construct, which has the Golem creature type). I’m really wishing Steel Overseer was a Golem right now (he sure looks like one to me)…


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