Into the Scrapheap? – Episode 4 (Manalith)

This episode is really a follow up to the first episode of “Into the Scrapheap?” where we looked at Alloy Myr. Now in Magic 2012 we have a new addition to the family:

MTG Card: Manalith

In a Standard environment where mana fixing is a little light (after the fetch lands rotate), some decks may be forced to play some kind of artifact like this to help out (although I would be a little surprised if the pros really did). Manalith takes its place next to Alloy Myr, and really is probably a little inferior –  Alloy Myr does give you a 2/2 body, although that does make it a little more susceptible to removal being both artifact and creature. But, what really struck me and made me want to write about this is that I recently ordered the Obelisk cycle from Alara block (I came to them in search of a specific color combo for an EDH deck), and this card completely invalidates all of the Obeslisks – this costs the same and produces all colors, not just three of them. Of course, these were already surpassed by Coalition Relic and Darksteel Ingot, which are both superior to the Manalith. I know, I know – they make functional reprints with rotating formats like Standard in mind. So, unless you desperately need a bunch of 3 mana artifacts that produce mana (like say, in a singleton format), I hereby banish the Obelisk cycle to the scrapheap!


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