Some Johnny musings

I recently got an order of cards in from Channel Fireball, so I thought I’d share what I plan to do with some of them. I should also note that I haven’t yet gone through the M12 spoiler yet, but now that the release day is upon us, I will try to get to it soon, since now some of the ridiculous pre-order prices will start coming down.

(K)night of the Terravore update

I’ve added a couple of Qasali Pridemages to my deck, to give me some utility against other decks. He’s a bear with essentially two abilities, one of which will go nicely with my Terravore (Exalted plus trample means almost guaranteed damage), and now I’ve replaced the Disenchants which were originally in the deck. I also decided that the deck only needed 2 Nantuko Monastery, since you really only want those late (after you have threshold), and I have several ways to tutor one up. I am looking to get some more manlands (Stirring Wildwood, Treetop Village, etc.) to make my Realms Uncharted a little more scary.

Mercadian Masques lands plus Proliferate

I ordered a bunch of the different lands from Mercadian Masques that hold storage counters (Saprazzan Skerry, Mercadian Bazaar, etc.), and I’m percolating up some proliferation shenanigans. I’m thinking that many artifacts, these lands, the levelers, the fading mechanic, and planeswalkers all mesh well with some proliferation action, so I’ll see what I can come up with that isn’t too slow to get going.

Artifact tutoring

I’m getting together the pieces of an artifact deck that uses both Trinket Mage and Treasure Mage to good effect, plus my Sun Titan and Kuldotha Forgemaster. I got a couple more Thopter Assembly, and a Mindslaver (I love it when the cool mythics start to get cheap). Should I try to combine all this with Shape Anew, or is that a different deck? I don’t know but Scars of Mirrodin block really has some fun artifact shenanigans waiting to happen.

Alara multi-color goodies

I wasn’t playing during Alara block, so I missed all these triple colored lands and artifacts. I might call them “a poor man’s duals”. I wanted a couple of Grixis cards (Grixis Panorama and Crumbling Necropolis) for my Crosis, the Purger deck, so I decided to just get some of everything – you never know when you’ll be making a triple color deck, and I can’t afford real fetchlands.

EDH enhancements

I picked up a few other cards for my Commander decks, besides the Grixis stuff mentioned above. I added a Kalitas, Bloodchief of Ghet (I really do like the fact that you only have to buy one copy for an EDH deck) to my Drana deck, and I figured a Necrotic Ooze would be sweet in a discard deck in a multi-player format.

Odds and Ends

I don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet, but I picked up some rares that had gotten cheap enough ($.25-$.49) that seem like they could be good in something: Bazaar Trader (I’m thinking this might be good with Jinxed Idol, but either way, this is clearly a card no Johnny (even a part-time Johnny) should be without) and Scute Mob (a 1 mana 5/5 in a ramp deck seems good).

All in all, I’d say this was better than some random booster packs… and on the Spike front, I’m looking forward to perusing the top decks from the latest SCG Open to see what the new Standard is looking like.


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