Shriekhorn – what is it good for?

I bought a Mirrodin Besieged booster pack today. I figured my odds of getting something cool were better in a small set, but alas, nothing really cool appeared. I won’t go into all the details this time, except to complain about my third Slagstorm. I know it’s a decent card, but at it’s current price, I only really need one, since I could proxy it, and it’s not like it’s a card I would have ever bought as a single. Again, not because it is a bad card, but because it’s a tournament niche card, and that is not really my niche. Well, maybe someday I’ll find a use for it (it does have some potential in multiplayer, for example, but you got to be playing some real fatties), or find someone who actually wants them and trade them for something better.

My real issue with this booster pack comes in the form of Shriekhorn.

MTG Card: Shriekhorn

This was my third one, but I haven’t really paid it much attention until now. What kind of deck would ever want this card? It comes with three uses, unless you have something to recharge it (proliferation or what have you), but why would you bother? I could see some usefulness if it milled 6 or 10 cards at a pop, but 2?? Even with a Megrim, this card by itself represents 6 damage. Might as well just play 2 Lightning Bolts. Even 6 cards in a limited match with 40-card decks isn’t that much. How do you get value out of this card that would be better than just playing a different card? Even in Standard? I’m on a quest now to see if any decent pro has even played with this card.

Commander Update

No, I have not bought anything from the new Commander set just released. I don’t think I even saw anything at the game store tonight when I bought the booster pack. On another note, I have now built my third Commander deck, so I’m ready for some multi-player rumbles if my kids ever get their chores done. This one is an adaption and expansion of my old Discard Damage deck, that looked to make your opponent discard and then suffer because of it. Cards like The Rack, Megrim, and Reanimate are the main point, with Crosis, the Purger as general and all around finisher. We’ll see how it competes with the Vampires and Elves. I like the singleton aspect of the format for deckbuilding, at least.


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