Terrageddon? No… (K)night of the Terravore!

I noticed today that some StarCity grinder played a Terravore/Armageddon deck* at a recent tournament, which immediately caught my eye because I have such a deck myself – it’s one of my favorites, actually. But I call it (K)night of the Terravore. It began life as an Erhnam Djinn/Armageddon deck and then when I got a Terravore (those things are over $10 now!), it became “Terravore Djinn”. After buying the Knights vs. Dragons Duel Decks, though, I have a Knight of the Reliquary, and it seemed like a natural fit for this deck and called for some further tweaking. Here’s the latest version…

Land (28)

You need some basics for the Knight and the fetch lands.

2 each of the only fetch lands I can afford. These are a great way to get a land into the graveyard without losing a land, and with the Riftstone Portals, they can sometimes even produce mana.

This is so perfect for this deck. There are numerous ways to get it into the graveyard, and then it not only boosts your Knights and Terravores, but it improves all your lands. And it’s in the right colors!

Nice GW utility lands for the deck. Krosan Verge puts a land in the graveyard and gets you a Plains AND a Forest! If that’s not synergy with the Knight, I don’t know what is!
A 4/4 manland never seems like it would be too bad, and this deck gets threshold so easily…

A dual land is certainly not out of place here. I’m also looking into getting Sunpetal Grove for the deck. I have some Graypelt Refuges, but you don’t want too many lands that come into play tapped.

Instant (4)

I recently found this card, and I love it! (Note the flavor, design, and artistic nods to Gifts Ungiven.) This puts two lands into your graveyard besides fetching two. All of my lands are useful, and I have a wide variety in the deck to choose from.

Enchantment (2)

I put this in because it’s one of my best GW cards for a creature-based deck. I’m wondering if it shouldn’t just be a Rancor, but Rancor is so easy to pick, and you only build so many GW decks.

Creature (22)

This guy (or lady) has so much synergy with a ‘land in the graveyard matters’ deck! I knew it had to go in as soon as I got my hands on one.

The other namesake card of the deck. After an Armageddon, this guy is a monster!

I could just play some Llanowar Elves, but this guy allows me to pitch a Riftstone Portal into the graveyard and potentially gives you more than just 1 or 2 Llanowar Elves per game that you might draw. And a deck with Armageddons wants lots of other mana sources to put you ahead of your opponent.

Here’s the other mana accelerator, who can become a beatstick once you get threshold. Have I mentioned that this deck gets threshold really easily?

A 3/2 1-drop that only requires you to put a land into the graveyard? Sign this deck up!

I’m not completely settled on this one, but I need something that will give me a little time to set things up. This blocks the weenies early, and later can block some fatties. Plus it flies. I don’t know what else would be more useful. Of course, I only have two in the deck right now – that may need to change. Wall of Vines is another option – a 1 drop in Green might work better in the deck.

Sorcery (8)

The real engine of the deck. Wrecks your opponent and pumps your Knights and Terravores. Perfect!

Nice, right after an Armageddon with an elf in play and that land you were holding onto before the ‘geddon. Now, you’re three up to your opponent’s 0 (hopefully) or 1 land.

Artifact (2)

This is really too expensive, but I have it, and it is right for the deck. If only it was only 2 mana… but remember, this deck is “Super Casual” not Legacy competitive.

*P.S. I don’t think you should be able to name a deck after a card that’s not really a 4-of in the deck. I would call Mr. Eisenhauer’s deck “Knight of the Zenith” since he only runs 2 Terravores and 2 Armageddons.

P.P.S. Nope, no Wastelands here… I would agree with the SCG writer that they would be perfect for the deck, but I wouldn’t pay $6.00 for them, let alone the $60 current asking price… that’s just the Super Casual way…


2 Responses to Terrageddon? No… (K)night of the Terravore!

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  2. bmw says:

    Wall of Resistance? No Way! Wall of Roots!

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