Sweet Booster Pack

We bought a booster pack for my son’s birthday today. Like any booster pack, it was hit and miss, but this was definitely more hit than miss. It had a couple cards we had just been talking about yesterday, a rare that we didn’t have yet, and a foil rare as well (although of a card I had already bought).

Leeching Bite

We were just talking last night about possibly putting some of these in our Infect deck with the Mutagenic Growth. It  boosts our infecter and clears the path of a weenie blocker. It’s two mana though, so it might be too much for too little. Might try it out, at least.

Vapor Snag

I think I’ve commented on this before (and I’m planning a future article on it as well). At the very least, it’s some direct damage for the blue mage (not that they need any more help, IMHO).

Blinding Souleater

3 mana for a 1/3 isn’t bad, I guess, (I don’t think it’s that good either), but you probably only want this guy for his ability to tap something down, and it might even be value to tap it for the 2 life if it would do more than 2 damage to you if left untapped. Seems pretty situational.

Maul Splicer

I already bought four of these for my Golem deck, but it’s so expensive you can’t put more than one or two in the deck. I guess I need to find a way to cheat this guy in, or blink him in and out (2 more golems each time!). I’ll keep thinking about this…

War Report

It seems like there are some good ways to use this – I already have some in my Myr of Mirrodin deck – which is why I already bought 8 of them. Now we have nine…

Pristine Talisman

I already bought some of these, too. A definite upgrade on earlier 3 mana artifacts that only produce 1 mana (sounds like it’s time for another “Into the Scrapheap”…)

Priest of Urabrask

Once you get to three mana, this guy is basically free, and in some situations can convert off-color mana for the red you need for your fire-breathing dragon. I already bought 4.

Alloy Myr

I’ve written a post about this guy already, and I bought 4. I like him…

Triumph of the Hordes

We were looking at this one last night, too. The perfect alpha-strike card, even if you’re not playing an Infect deck, since the trampling damage might reach 10 with a good strike. A “win out of nowhere” kind of card.

Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer

I could definitely see building a Commander deck for this guy. This Scars block has lots of W and R Metalcraft cards and some cool artifacts. Could be fun… 5/4 first strike for 5 doesn’t seem too shabby in its own right, either. Only a $1 rare right now, but still cool.

Moltensteel Dragon (FOIL)

I like this guy so much, I already bought one, for like $2. Now, I see that it’s a $1 rare and the foil version is only $3. Foils are really kind of lame unless you are a serious collector or pimping your EDH deck. Still, a second rare in a pack is nothing to sneeze at.

And the Limited fodder…

Dementia Bat – 5 mana for a 2/2 flyer that you can pay 5 more mana for a Hymn to Tourach effect? Even I think that’s ridiculous! Do drafters even draft this?

Apostle’s Blessing – Not that protection from artifacts or a color isn’t useful, but there’s got to be something better than 1 dude gets protection for one turn for two mana.

Spire Monitor – A 3/3 flyer for 5 is probably hot on a drafter’s radar, but why they gave this guy Flash, I can’t figure out. I left 5 mana open so I could surprise you with a 3/3 blocker???

I don’t know if we broke even financially (I’m paying full retail price at Kmart after all), but it felt like we got our money’s worth on this one, and it’s that feeling that matters.


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