Planeswalker Lament

I love the Planeswalkers. Cool card idea, cool execution. Unfortunately, they’re mostly also very expensive 😦  I’d love to collect them all and make decks for each, but there will probably always be a few that remain out of reach (Jace 2.0 is seeing Legacy and Vintage play, so it’s not going to come down in price too much, even though it has dropped about $20 recently (maybe because it is under threat to be banned?)

Here are the ones I don’t have yet. I ran a quick price comparison between a few online dealers that I’ve dealt with recently, and I was a little surprised to see ChannelFireball come out the best – they are very competitive in their pricing, they ship fast, and when I had a problem with an order once, they were totally cool about it. So, I’m listing their prices here, and I’ll include the cumulative price for the other sites below. If they didn’t have the card, I substituted the StarCityGames price, which seems to usually be the highest.

Ajani Goldmane $4.99
Ajani Vengeant $4.99
Chandra Ablaze $3.49
Elspeth Tirel $8.99
Gideon Jura $29.99
Jace Beleren $10.99
Jace, the Mind Sculptor $79.99
Karn Liberated $19.99
Koth of the Hammer $24.99
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker $17.99*
Sarkhan Vol [$9.99]
Sarkhan the Mad $4.99
Sorin Markov $9.99
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas $34.99
Venser, the Sojourner $10.99

GRAND TOTAL: $277.35

Old School Gaming: $282.70
Star City $299.85 $311.62

Obviously, the Standard-legal cards that see significant tournament play are still a bit pricey. I actually opened a Nicol Bolas in a booster pack, but I was dumb and sold it (for way less than $18!!). But the next duel deck is going to be Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas, so maybe I’ll get him back. OSG is pretty comparable to CF, but they seem to have a greater tendency to be out of stock. I like Channel Fireball, as well, because of their free strategy content, and I’m happy to support them with my business, especially since their prices are so competitive. (I am not being recompensed by anyone for saying any of this – I’m just surfing the web like the rest of you.)

So, right now, only Chandra Ablaze is in my price range, but I just bought her alter ego, so I may hold off a while. I’ve got my eye on both Ajanis, though, as well as Sarkhan the Mad.


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