New Phyrexia Event Decks

The announcement I’ve been waiting for finally arrived: the decklists for the new Event Decks! I was really pleased with the Mirrodin Besieged Decks. Both seemed like value to me, and were quite similar (essentially budget lists) to the decks I was seeing in the big tournaments: one was essentially a Kuldotha Red deck and the other played a bit like Brian Kibler’s UB poison deck. In play, they stood up reasonably well to the tourney decks (I proxied RUG and CawBlade) as well (OK, I’m sure if Gerry Thompson was playing the tourney deck, I wouldn’t have been able to compete so well, plus I didn’t do a lot of sideboarded games, but still…).

The New Phyrexia decks look like a hit and a miss to me. Keep in mind that I’m not looking to these decks to help me at Friday Night Magic, although they both look like they can do that job alright. The War of Attrition deck has 2 Stoneforge Mystics for crying out loud! I priced it out (for singles) at Channel Fireball for about $54, so if I can get it for MSRP, then I’m getting the cards for 50% off, not to mention the fact that I would never, ever splash the cash for Stoneforge Mystic ($16 at CF). And I thought the Goblin Guides in Into the Breach were sweet! It’s also got a Mirran Crusader, 4 Kor Firewalkers, and a Puresteel Paladin which I’m excited about.

The Rot from Within deck isn’t doing anything for me, though. It’s not that it’s a bad deck – I actually suspect it will be more competitive than the other one – it’s just that I already own most of the cards (most are pretty cheap and/or common) and I already have my own poison deck (still coming in a future post – I just got my first shipment of New Phyrexia singles to put the final touches on it). The Inkmoth Nexus is obviously the best card, but I actually have one of those (lucky booster pack pull) already. The rest of it is pretty cheap stuff – I think the Channel Fireball price barely comes out above the MSRP (maybe $27). I’m more interested in continuing to tweak the old UB poison deck than getting another one.

So, I’m going to go see about pre-ordering the War of Attrition deck at the local store (because I suspect that that one is going to sell like hotcakes – am I wrong?). I think I’ll take a pass on the other. Still, awesome idea, Wizards. Thanks!


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